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We'd like to continue with similar projects throughout the year - educating teens about food, cooking, self-health, etc. Please consider donating to make this possible.

Keep coming back to this page to see see updates. We are currently in the process of confirming Workshop hosts.

Bettina Abascal

Bettina is a graduate of Loyola University. She has received a certificate in Holistic Health Counseling (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). She’s run her own lucrative business in commercial production since 2003 and is currently studying culinary arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC.  In addition, since 2007, she has single-handedly run a thriving non-profit focused on lending advertising services to pro-bono causes. She has watched as the health and social changes that she has made in her own life have changed the lives of those around her simply through curiosity, example and inspiration. Helping people find balance in their own lives and watching that positively affect the lives of peers, children and families is her goal.

Mau Abascal

Mau a graduate of UMass Amherst with a BDIC degree in “Integrative Methods in Health and Education” and a certificate in Holistic Health Counseling (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) has been teaching at North Star in Hadley MA for the past 5 years. He has taught a wide variety of classes, workshops, and tutorials including Photo/Video, Spanish, Movement (Dance & Somatics), Music Production, and a ‘FOOD’ class. The ‘FOOD’ class has become quite popular even in lieu of its menu of highly nutritious, balanced, vegetable-based, ‘adult’ foods. With a donut shop across the street from North Star and a convenience store filled with sweets and industrial fats only two blocks away he aims to break through the competition for young bellies.


emmmmaEmma Dreyfus

Emma is also a graduate of UMass with a BA in Journalism and a minor in dance. She has been co-teaching the Movement & Somatics Workshop at North Star for the past two years. While she was at UMass she helped prepare and teach workshops about healthy and affordable food preparation to a group of foster parents through the DARE program in Springfield. She was a core member of last year’s FOODcamp – wouldn’t’ve been able to have done it without her.

Some of Emma’s interests:

• Making healthy eating fun and accessible to more people

• Exploring how food gives us energy and vitality (especially as a dancer)

• Passionate about sharing and learning different people’s food cultures and practices around health (ayurveda, yoga, dance, somatics)


Workshop Leaders:

Mau Abascal

Michael Crigler

Emma Dreyfus

Ryan Harb

Felix Lufkin

Chris Marano

Jenna Weingarten

And more…. Check Back SOON!!!

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