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Yesterday we went to UMass and harvested lettuce in their garden. It went by surprisingly fast and was really fun! They have a beautiful garden. It made me wish I  could have a garden of my own.

We also made tempeh and guacamole (among other things) yesterday and it was my favorite thing we’ve made together so far. It was so yummy and satisfying. Sylvia and I also cooked up a bunch of greens for lunch. Neither of us had really made greens the way we did before, so we just sautéed them in olive oil and put it all the spices we could find. I think it came out good. They were edible!

We also had a food tasting where we tried two different kinds of the same food and decided which ones we liked better (Ex- two different kinds of honey, whole wheat bread vs. white bread, raw milk vs. pasteurized milk etc.) I ended up liking pasteurized milk better than raw milk because I couldn’t really taste the raw milk very well and pasteurized had a tangy-ish taste to it that I really like.

I can’t wait for next week!


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