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Well my friends, I have enjoyed these past eight days but, all things must end. As I give my last report for this year, bear in mind that this will happen again next year. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear from me before then.

To start off the day, we were all amoeba.

We went outside and talked about our day-to-day diets and how we thought our bodies need what we give them. We also discussed our feelings and emotions in relation to the food we make. For instance, Mau was telling us how when he first moved in with his friend Jenna, she would cook him very simple meals but that they would taste simply extraordinary. When he asked Jenna what she was doing to make these simple meals so mind-blowingly delicious, she just said “I put lots of love into the food”. Now, you’re probably thinking the same thing that Mau was at the time: yeah right, you probably just put a lot of butter into the food. But as time went on, Mau was cooking more and more and starting to enjoy it as opposed to before, when he despised it. Then, one day, a friend of Mau’s came over for dinner and Mau made him a very modest dinner and his friend went  crazy over it. But Mau had put a lot of love into the meal, he enjoyed making the food, he spent a good amount of time preparing the food and making sure everything was just right. Just goes to show you, felling good around the food you prepare, makes those who eat it feel good. After that, we ventured over to the church to make lunch, but this time, us the students were to plan, organize and cook the meal without any help from the adults. We made chilaquiles (a delicious Mexican frittata with beans, sauteed kale and cheese on the side) and summer squash soup with stock that was made from various food scraps.

I only broke my promise once.

Kale Blomkvist.


There was also surprise Jaritos.

After our wonderful lunch, we were gifted a wooden travel cutlery set to remember all of our good times here at food camp. Then we went swimming!

Sophie gettin’ her swag on.

Here we have Air Man Chandler.

Avital’s first time on a rope swing.

This has been fun, o my brothers and sisters, but this is where the story ends.

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