On this page you can find info for both sponsorring FOOD Camp and being sponsored by FOOD Camp (scholarships).

For Sponsors:
3 ways you can help:

  • Donate $$$ to help with this program and future programs using the Donate Button below
  • Donate food if you are a farm or a grocer (we can put up a link to your site)
  • Conduct a workshop or give a talk
To donate food, time, or conduct a workshop/talk email us.

We would like to make FOOD Camp more accesible. Would you like to sponsor a teen for FOOD Camp? Any amount from $25 to one full tuition ($225 or more). Use the Donate Button below.
Sponsors that donate $500 or more can provide a banner that links to their business to be placed on this page.



For Sponsee’s (people who need a little help with funding):

Contact us to discuss different payment options. You may be eligible for a payment plan OR a partial or complete tuition waiver.

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