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Hey all! Friday was our last day of Food camp. (I know it’s a sad thing) It was super fun. We talked all morning about how awesome camp was, and we planned our lunch. The lunch was extra special  that day because we (the kids) made the lunch all by ourselves for everyone! It was tough, but we pulled it off and it was delicious. We decided on making squash soup, and I forget the name of the dish Sylvia came up with, but it was a baked egg and veggie dish and it was great. After lunch and clean up, we ended camp with a special swim at the Mill river! Probably one of the best parts. Sad that it is all over, I’m glad I got to have the wonderful experience and I hope it continues next year! Special thanks to Mau. We love you, and thanks so much for putting this fabulous camp together. Thanks to all of our other fabulous counselors as well! So much fun!

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