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Such a good day! Today, we started out with a walk down the bike path and a talk about wild things 😉 Wild foods, wild ways, wild animals, even wild humans. It makes you think!

After that, we headed back to north star and talked about raw foods, diets, etc. Then, after talking about raw foods, we went down to the church and made a delicious raw lunch! Spring roles are yummy. We made them with the choices of avocados, kimchi, onions, tempe, a mango sauce type thing, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, miso, cilantro, basil, or mint. Everyone loved it! (except for Sylvia:( oh well) I loved it:)

When lunch time was over we discussed the Zine that we will be creating about our adventures at Food Camp the past couple weeks! Tomorrow is our last day. It’s gonna be so much fun, but I’m gonna miss it for sure. Tomorrow we are going to go swimming!!!! Probably some other stuff too, but I’m super pumped to swim.

Next week we are hopefully going to take a trip up to Boston, which would be awesome. We’d get free lunch at this restaurant, and do a ton of cool things. We’d also go swimming again. Cool stuff, that’s it for now!


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