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Hello everyone!

Today we made the most delicious foods! We had beans and sofrito, rice, bok-choy and tostones (flattened and fried plantains). I made a lot of the tostones and they’re soooooo delicious. It was a cuban style lunch and now I wish I could have it every lunch.

But before lunch we had a discussion lead by Avital and ended up playing this game where everyone got an envelope with money, a grocery list and a family member who needed a certain food (whether it be because of dietary restrictions or personal taste). We had to go around to all the adults different stores and buy the food or get a ‘job’ if we needed more money to pay for our food.  At one of the stores you’d have to pay bus money to get there too, which made everything harder. Overall, I think it was my favorite exercise we did. It was the most entertaining and easiest to learn from because it was more hands on.

I also learned that growers of bananas are grossly underpaid. Not cool.

Then after lunch we talked about using food as medicine and looked at, and tried, a bunch of tinctures. I had to run before we got to finish that lesson which I’m sad about because I wanted to learn more about herbalism.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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