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today for lunch, we made… thug nug/snuggle thug tacos. get ready.


soft tacos (we used either corn, whole wheat, or amaranth/flax tortillas)


greens (chard, kale, spinach, beet greens, dandelion greens– whatever you wanna use!)


lime lime and more lime

chopped scallions

for the THUG NUGS:

tempeh (fermented soy protein)

soy sauce/tamari

sriracha chili sauce (or some sort of hot sauce)

nutritional yeast

other options to add:


miso paste


a touch of molasses/honey/maple syrup


gluten-free THUG NUGS:

substitute cocuonut oil for soy sauce!

for the GUACAMOLE:

ripe ripe ripe avocado

diced raw garlic

diced red onion

plenty of salt, peppa, lime/lemon


get all your taco toppings prepped: chop the scallions and cilantro and put in separate bowls.

either slice the avocado or make guacamole! (mix all ingredients together. pretty simple!)

slice limes into squeezable sections and put in a separate bowl


make the greens- because the tacos are incredibly flavorful full of lots of different mouth sensations, it’s nice to make the greens pretty simple. you can either steam them or sautée them. today, we sauteéd them with a touch of ghee and garlic, salt and pepper.


make the thug nugs!

chop tempeh blocks into little bite sized squares (avital says the length of your fingernail)

put the blocks into a bowl or container

pour soy sauce/tamari over tempeh (don’t drench them but be liberal)– here’s where the coconut oil comes in if yer gluten-free

scoop of chili sauce for spice

spoonful or honey/molasses/maple syrup if you’re using it

SHAKE IT UP! use a bowl/container with a top if possible so you can really coat the tempeh and get errything mixed up.

once you’ve shaken it, shake some nutritional yeast all over the marinated tempeh. it acts as a sort of batter for frying and also has such a yummy, salty, almost parmesan-cheesy flavor (nut’l. yeast is an AWESOME substitute for parmesan cheese and is delicious over soups, greens, and popcorn, too!)

shake again.

get a pan hot with ghee, butter, or olive oil. fry those nugs up! give ’em time- it’s worth the wait to get the nugs nice and crispy on all four sides. while you cook them, you can put a top on the pan for a bit, but keep an eye on them. flip them after 3-4 minutes or once they’re nice  and brown.

put thug nugs on a serving plate.


heat up the tortillas either in a dry pan or right on your burner- careful! they can burn quick.

ok. time to make yer darn tacos.

using all the prepped ingredients, scoop, squeeze, lather, sprinkle! (ex: i like to put guacamole/avocado/miso on the bottom, then a layer of greens, then 3-4 snuggle thugs, then kimchi, cilantro and scallions over the top as a garnish. then LIMEEE LIKE WOAHHH)

do it how YOU like it!


we love these tacos. you can do pretty much whatever you like with them. no avocados? cook up some lentils as a base! add raw shaved beets, sauteéd mushrooms, fresh diced tomato… 🙂

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