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In today’s issue of Food Camp, our heroes sought guidance from two wisely fellows by the names of Mike and Eevy. We walked out to the bike trail where Mike gave us a lesson about various “wild” foods e.g. plants that weren’t farmed and animals that weren’t raised by humans. Mike is what some people would call a “survivalist expert” but what mike says, in more modest terms, is “I go out on nature journeys sometimes”. He explained to us how the human body really doesn’t need as much food as we give it and that is is more than possible to survive in the wilderness just by eating what is naturally living around us. Upon our journey back to our fortress of food, Evvy gave a talk about all the various types of diets, how they work, and what significance they hold in our culture.

Evvy saying some important words.

Mau is listening intently.

Evvy told us how our culture is incredibly opposed to fats of any kind and how most mainstream diets were all about losing weight and watching your calorie and carb intake. One of these diets, called the Atkins diet, actually stops your body from digesting glucose (a compound that your brain needs in able to function) to digesting stored body fat. Evvy also told us about diets such as the paleo diet  (a diet that restricts you to eating only what was available during the paleolithic period), the raw diet (where you can only eat foods that have not been heated past 118 degrees Fahrenheit) and all sorts of other interesting restrictions that people put on their eating habits. Now, we were all hungry so we went down the street to the church to make lunch where we cooked nothing. We weren’t eating raw, we were making spring rolls. For the innards of the spring rolls we had tempeh, mango sauce, kimchi, cucumber, carrots, zucchini, miso paste, cabbage and avocado.

People cutting stuff.

All of the stuff to go in the spring rolls.

After we stuffed ourselves full of our delicious luncheon, we started brainstorming for the zine that we will produce sometime in the near future.

Well, until we meet again.

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