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The second day of Food Camp was amazing!

We started the day with several options. We could either water the garden, participate in a movement class led by Mau and Emma, or we could sit down and start figuring out the beginning of a zine that we will be making about the camp.

Mau, prancing around in the movement class with sage doing likewise in the background.

After that, we drove over to a homestead in Amherst run by Brittany Nickerson. There, we talked about all of the numerous symbiotic relationships between the farm and and the farmer. after that, we took a tour of the property in which Brittany showed us her pigs.

Oh, what majestic creatures!

Then, we gathered various plants that most people would consider weeds, to put in our salad for the upcoming luncheon. These “weeds” were very nutritious and delicious along side with grated beets, salad greens and nasturtiums. we also made quinoa with caramelized onions, grilled vegetables (marinated in olive oil, rice vinegar and LOTS of garlic). Brittany had also prepared meatballs made from ground pork that came from one of her pigs that we had only the honor of tasting.

I'll beet you into a salad.

Beets being grated to go in the salad.

Garlic makes everything better.

That’s Abbigale, and she beet us all.

During lunch, Felix Lufkin introduced us to the two chickens which we were going to kill, pluck, gut andotherwise prepare in a way that shows complete and total respect towards the animal’s life. After lunch, we all gathered around Felix while he explained all the different ways of perceiving death. We all took a moment to mentally ground ourselves and to feel gratitude and respect towards the chicken. We then proceeded to kill, pluck, gut, and otherwise prepare both chickens. I think that this experience taught at least some of us a greater respect for all living creatures ,and also, how to kill, pluck, gut and otherwise prepare a chicken. The chickens are not large enough to be roasted, so we intend to make a soup out of them.

One of the soon-to-be-soup chickens.

Today has been full of amazing new experiences and I hope that all the days will be equally great in their own way and I look forward to tomorrow.

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