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In today’s episode of Food Camp, the group was split up into three teams to go and observe the contents of a Stop &Shop super market. We found many odd things such as Thai food that claimed to be Chinese.we also observed that most of the colors on most of the packaged foods were either red, yellow or blue. One of the only good things was that everything was rather cheap. For some comparison, we journeyed to the local Whole Foods grocery store. For this assignment we were split into two teams and were each given 150 hypothetical dollars. Each team was then released into the store to go hypothetical shopping for to supply themselves for the hypothetical week. We were given 15 minutes before we had to reconvene and show our results. We came to the conclusion that Stop & Shop may not be the best place to find organic/local produce (not to say that they didn’t have organic produce, they just had fewer choices than Whole Foods.), but it was the more economic choice. Whole Foods, on the other hand had a bounty of organic and local produce, the only problem being that, compared to Stop & Shop, their prices were astronomical. Also, the atmosphere in Whole Foods (where people smile at you and give you help) was much nicer than the one in Stop & Shop (where people frown a lot and give you shopping advice as opposed to help). All in all, neither of the stores are bad, it just depends on your financial situation. You can pay more for better service and more local and organic foods, or you can save money and still have a fair selection of organic foods but have to deal with crummy people.

After that, we made a delicious butt load of stir-fry with rice noodles for lunch.

As I promised, always a picture involving garlic.

All will be one!

Once we managed to eat all but one portion of our stir-fry, (which, believe me, was not an easy task.) We went on a small herb walk led by Mau and Craig on the bike trail behind the church where we found wild black raspberries, wild carrots, wild lettuce, wood sorrel, lambs quarters and mugwort.

And that concludes today’s episode of Food Camp!

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