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We'd like to continue with similar projects throughout the year - educating teens about food, cooking, self-health, etc. Please consider donating to make this possible.

Here are some examples of our morning lecture/workshop topics:
  • Macro/Micronutrients – Carbs. vs. fat vs. protein + vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, etc.
  • Digestion and Absorption – the biology of “down the hatch” – this could get nitty gritty (=
  • Traditional Diets Around the World – What have people been eating throughout history? What worked/What didn’t and for whom?
  • Food Confusion and Food Relationships – Eggs are good, no wait!… eggs are bad for you???!!!$%%@ – How do we deal with science, supermarkets, fashion magazines and the grumbling in our bellies?
  • Farming and Food Politics – How has farming changed in the last 100 years? What does the gov and big biz have to say about these changes? What are farmers saying?
  • Fat, Sugar, Salt – The role of your tastebuds in determining what your body really needs – But I loooove cookies!
  • Specialty diets – Macrobiotic, Paleolithic, Vegan, Atkins – Diets aren’t just for weightloss. Why/how do people restrict their diets
  • Intro to traditional healing systems (Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Native American, et al.)
  • Food as medicine – We are what we eat, for better or worse! – Choosing nutrient-dense foods and cooking with foods/herbs that re-balance stuff that’s outta whack so we can feel good!
  • Teas, tinctures, and salves for health and longevity
  • The medicine in common spices

Example Hands-on Workshops:

  • Gardening/Grow your own – not everyone has space for a victory garden but anyone can have basil on the window sill.
  • Foraging – Edible and medicinal plants are everywhere but not everything- learn how to identify friend from foe.
  • Fermentation – Yogurt, kimchee, kraut, kombucha – Let the good germs help you make food last and easier to digest.
  • Sprouting/soaking – grains and beans are better when they’re alive.
  • Making salves and tinctures

Field Trips! (in place of lecture/workshop)

  • Local organic farm – Wholesome goodness from the ground up
  • Large farming operation – Machines and chemicals make more food on less land or, at least, that’s how it seems…
  • Restaurant kitchen – What actually goes on in restaurant kitchens – a tour of a local restaurant
  • Medicinal herb gardens

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