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Video edited by Mau and Abigale

We killed two chickens on day two. The process was respectful and ceremonious. There was a charged silence while everyone (almost) looked on. For the more sensitive audiences we edited out the moment where The chickens’ lives became, well…. whatever’s next.
The day after we had an enlightening discussion about the cycle of life and death. Sophie brought up one of the laws of thermodynamics that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form. When we are so removed from death we fail to see this process by which life becomes something else when the body dies. We fall under the impression that life ceases to exist at the moment of death. Sophie thinks it may just change form.

This image captures the moment well:

A beautiful spread of ingredients for raw spring rolls:
Cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, kimchee, tempeh, onions, mango, basil, mint, radicchio.

Sophie listens as Abuelita discusses galactic bears, unicorns with too much hair, and cosmic carrots.

Abuelita (Abbey) naps under this table every day after lunch. She must dream
to gain fodder for her discussions about galactic cosmobears.

Mau discusses with the girls the fact that coffee growers often
only see only 2% of the profits from their coffee. They were not amused.

Avital gave a presentation on food systems
and food justice. Her drawings were revered.

Baby Bok Choy served as the improvised green in a Cuban style lunch prepared by “El Semi-Cubano”.

Miss Emily French gives a talk on food as medicine.
Different foods create different conditions in our bodies. Emily helped us decode these feelings.

Jonah tastes a preparation of nettles in apple cider vinegar made by Ananda Wilson.
Emily discussed the nutrient density of nettles.

On our tour of the supermarkets we found some flavorful meat.

At FOOD Camp we have partytime knives

High fashion knives and greens


Yesterday we went to UMass and harvested lettuce in their garden. It went by surprisingly fast and was really fun! They have a beautiful garden. It made me wish I  could have a garden of my own.

We also made tempeh and guacamole (among other things) yesterday and it was my favorite thing we’ve made together so far. It was so yummy and satisfying. Sylvia and I also cooked up a bunch of greens for lunch. Neither of us had really made greens the way we did before, so we just sautéed them in olive oil and put it all the spices we could find. I think it came out good. They were edible!

We also had a food tasting where we tried two different kinds of the same food and decided which ones we liked better (Ex- two different kinds of honey, whole wheat bread vs. white bread, raw milk vs. pasteurized milk etc.) I ended up liking pasteurized milk better than raw milk because I couldn’t really taste the raw milk very well and pasteurized had a tangy-ish taste to it that I really like.

I can’t wait for next week!


Hola chicos!

As you already head, we killed two chickens yesterday. It was surprisingly less traumatizing than I thought it was going to be, although I watched the chickens from a good ways away as they were being killed. But afterwards I helped ‘process’ the chickens. I cut off one of their heads, which I’m probably not going to do again any time soon, but it wasn’t as terrible as you’d think it could be.

I think the reason it wasn’t hard for me to cut up the chicken afterwards was because I wasn’t there when they died. I kind of regret leaving them and not being there as they died but I was definitely not in the mood to see it at the time. This morning we had a nice long/ interesting discussion about the chickens and death in general. Twas nice.

And today we had yet another slightly out of my comfort zone  time! YAY! We ate some canned crickets.

Here’s a picture I pulled from the internet. These buggies look close to the one’s eaten today! I only had one, but it was pretty gross. Maybe I’ll dip them in chocolate next time. That sounds a lot more appetizing.

It was really cool to think about how a lot of people from different places eat these bugs the way we eat chips. Sometimes I forget that thing are different around the world and then I eat bugs and I remember they are.

Also, we made quinoa today and yesterday which was AMAZING. I could live of quinoa and grapes if I had to. I also leaned how to make ‘Sofrito’. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

I don’t usually like to cook, but at Food Camp it’s so fun. I might actually be able to live on my own and cook for myself some day. Huh.

No crickets were harmed in the making of this post.*

*Kidding, we ate them.

~Abuelita 🙂

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